Service Improvement We Can’t Innovate in Our Market!


As some of the readers of this blog know, I frequently travel by RV.  Given that we have many clients scattered throughout North America, many in small, difficult-to-reach places, an RV makes a lot of sense.  Plus, I get to travel in the company of my wife and, this trip, my dog (not sure how … Read more

Is Your Customer Feedback Program Really Making Your Company Better?


Customer feedback is a critical aspect of making your company better. Allowing customers to provide feedback on your products, services, and transactions helps you improve in the long term and increase customer loyalty. But some things can compromise the quality of your customer feedback program. Your Feedback focuses on One or Two Metrics You Don’t … Read more

E-Commerce Solutions: Are they Worth the Investment?

Increased demand and the need for faster shipping times prompts retailers and fulfillment centers to invest in e-commerce technologies.   It is a crucial time for e-commerce right now, and the cold chain is now a part of this industry as consumers become more comfortable with purchasing food and beverages online. Customer expectations for shipping … Read more

Warehouses continue to improve efficiency with collaborative robots, AMRs and AGV technology


As warehouse distribution centers continue to grow larger, how are tracking and intelligence helping to keep up with customer demands? Chris Cacioppo, CTO and co-founder, Global Logistics: Warehouse management and automation systems have a number of tools that support keeping up with customer demands. Electronic data interchange (EDI) helps to scale automation by automating transactions … Read more

Golden opportunity: Savvy business alliances propel the robotics sector


The fulfillment economy has exploded during the pandemic, as has competition among automation technology providers, whose robotic technology is becoming critical during widespread labor shortages and ballooning demand. That’s the good news. The bad news, if you’re a robotics firm with a great product and opportunity as far as the horizon is that scaling hardware … Read more